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Side Effects of Skipping Workouts

Do you need a little motivation? Here is something you can focus on when you don’t feel like getting off the coach!


Well, ain’t that the truth! I have to be honest with you, I have skipped all of my workouts over the past week due to vacation, scheduling, out of town visits and getting the kids ready for school. I was telling my husband last night that I don’t feel like myself. I have fallen into a rut in just a few days and have witnessed the effects first hand! Let me tell you what I have been experiencing over the past week due to my lack of regular exercise.

  • Down in the Dumps! Like I said before, I haven’t felt like myself. My life has been really hectic lately which has caused me some stress. The thing is, workouts like P90X and INSANITY are a great stress relievers for me! When I workout, I always feel great! Workouts are top on my priority list and I don’t know why they got bumped down this week, but I’ve learned my lesson, it wont happen again!
  • An Unhealthy Appetite! Yep, I have had my fair share of unhealthy foods this week, I’m ashamed to say it since I am constantly telling you to ignore the cravings, but I’m human and we all fall short from time to time. I’d be lying if I told you otherwise (and I don’t lie!) When I’m working out, I have no desire to fill my body with junk! Why ruin all the hard work? Another lesson learned!
  • Laziness! I have been exhausted! Yes, I have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, but usually this wouldn’t phase me! My body is getting used to the mode of “sit down and relax” and is having trouble getting back up. I will be teaching my body a lesson tomorrow morning, the P90X way!
  • Unmotivated! The more I sit around, the less I want to workout! This isn’t me, I LOVE to workout!! I can’t wait to break this week long cycle! These “side effects” are no joke and need to be put to rest! I need to go over some of my blogs and take my own advice!
  • Lack of Sleep! Strange but has proven to be true, at least for me. I always try to get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep. Lately I have been getting 5 at the most! Why? Because I have lost sight of my schedule! I can honestly say I don’t enjoy not having anything to do! I need a plan, I need a check list of things to do or I’m lost. If I have nothing planned in the morning, then I don’t need to get up at any specific time, which leads me to not having to go to bed at a decent time…do you catch my drift? I’ can’t wait to go to bed right after this blog and get my 8 hrs of sleep tonight!

So do you see the cycle? Do you see the side effects skipping workouts can have? Do you really think they are worth it?

My advice to you is this: Stick to your schedule! Keep that workout in the books and don’t skip it! Whether you’re on vacation, have a busy week ahead of you or just don’t feel like working out today it’s not worth the risk!! One skip leads to 2, 2 leads to 3 and so on! This could be a major problem for most people and can lead to giving up all together! I’m happy to say that I have noticed this downward cycle of doom and although I knew it was only temporary, I have the will power to break the cycle and get my butt back in gear! Unfortunately, a lot of people get caught up in it and lose sight of the awesome benefits a workout can give, for example:

  • Clarity ~ working out gets the blood pumping in your body and brain, helping you think more clearly
  • Happiness ~ studies say the people who workout are some of the happiest people!
  • Motivation ~ you always feel great after a good workout, why not do it again tomorrow?
  • Sense of Accomplishment ~ You did it! Be proud of yourself!!
  • Awareness of diet ~ Who wants to go eat a greasy cheeseburger after a hard workout and burning close to 1000 calories?
  • Confidence ~ Look what you just did! You are on your way to a healthier, better you! Hold your head high, you earned it!
  • RESULTS! ~ Keep pushing play and BRING IT everyday and that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Let me say it again ~ 


If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’ know what will! 

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for this, I started P90X, and got almost 30 days in.. then finals hit in school and I stopped to study like crazy.
    I used to have a friend that would come over every night and we would work out together, then it went from every night to every other night to not at all, his weights are even still at my house. I have not worked out since May and i feel like crap; but finding my motivation to start up again is so hard. I want to get into better shape, i want to be healthier, I just don’t want to start up again just to lose track and fall off again. At certain points I do need a kick in the ass to get me going, when im tired and would rather just sit on the couch with my boyfriend and watch a movie, when i really should be working out. When my friend stopped coming over i stopped getting that kick in the butt knowing he is coming over and I HAVE to work out. I am disgusted with myself, in 20 years old and at my worst weight of my life (228 pounds).

    Thanks, I think I really need to admit my disgust with myself to someone that might understand, none of my friends work out and they are all in pretty good shape (not like you but fit enough). It feels good to know that even though you have been at this for so long and are in such good shape you can lose focus too.

    Thanks, Kim

  2. Hi Kim, I’m glad this has helped you and hope it helps push you to do better :) We all fall short, but the great thing is we can pick up where we left off and do even better knowing the effects of where we’ve been!! Instead of beating yourself up over the past use it as a learning experience move on!! Make me your coach and I can be that person you need to kick you in th butt! I’m here to help you get into the best shape of your life, for life!

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